Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Surgery becomes an option for patients whose symptoms persist despite non-surgical treatments. Dr. Radovic will determine the most suitable surgical approach on a case-by-case basis. Patient will recover at different rates depending on the procedure performed.

A neuroma is an inflamed nerve that can occur at any point along a nerve. Morton's neuroma - the most common type of foot neuroma - affects the interspace between the third and fourth toes. Intermetatarsal neuroma is another name for this condition, as it is located in the ball of the foot between the metatarsal bones. Neuromas also occur less commonly in other areas of the foot.

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The inflammation of a neuroma is caused by stress and irritation to a part of the nerve. This stress causes the nerve to inflame and may eventually lead to permanent nerve damage.

Any physical contact compressing or irritating the nerve may cause a neuroma to develop. Wearing high-heeled shoes, or shoes with a tapered toe box is the most common contributor to neuromas. With improper shoes, toes are forced in the toe box, causing close contact and aggravating the nerve.

Neuroma surgery is typically indicated when conservative treatments such as change in shoe gear, orthotics and injections fail. The procedure is usually performed through a small incision on the top of the foot.

Recovery typically lasts three weeks walking in a postoperative sandal. Scar tissue may persist for several months after surgery. In some rare cases a regrowth of the Neuroma may occur And require reexcision.

Failure of previous surgery to alleviate pain can be due to misdiagnosis, as neuromas are commonly mistaken for capsulitis. Alternative treatments include Cryotherapy and coblation.

In most cases the nerve is removed however sometimes it is simply released from surrounding tissue. This can be done in the office with local anesthesia or an outpatient surgical setting. Hospitalization is rarely required.

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