Tailor's Bunion Surgery Tailor's Bunion Surgery

Tailor's Bunionectomy

Surgery to correct a tailor's bunion is very similar to that of correcting a bunion on the big toe.

An enlargement or bony prominence on the outside of the foot just behind a little toe is typically a tailor's bunion. Behind each toe is a long metatarsal bone numbered one through five, with the head of the fifth being right behind the small toe. When the head of the fifth metatarsal and surrounding soft tissues are prominent causing pressure, pain and/or inflammation it is called a tailor's bunion.

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Tailor's Bunion Surgery Orange County

Surgical correction.

Correcting a tailor's bunion surgically addresses reducing the prominence on the outside of the foot behind the small toe to relieve pressure and pain. Dr. Radovic utilizes a number of methods to accomplish this depending on the specific cause(s). In many cases the problem is not only due to the bone deformity of the fifth metatarsal but the presence of a cyst, neuroma or bursa.

When just the head of the fifth metatarsal is prominent, shaving of the bone can correct the deformity. In cases where the fifth metatarsal is bowing or moving outward a surgical fracture is used to correct the deformity similar to that of correcting a bunion.

In most cases the patient is allowed to walk in a surgical boot postoperatively for about 3 to 6 weeks. In severe cases, non- weight bearing with crutches or a roll-about may be necessary. Tailor's bunion surgical correction is usually performed as an outpatient surgery at a surgery center or hospital with local anesthetic and mild sedation.

Possible complications that can happen with tailor’s bunion surgery are delayed bone healing, over-correction, infection, mal-alignment, joint stiffness and under-correction. Tailor's BunionFollowing Dr. Radovic’s post-operative instructions and not smoking can prevent most of these possible complications from occurring.

Dr. Radovic's goals performing tailor's bunion surgery are to eliminate pain, restore function and offer a cosmetically pleasing result.

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