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Foot & Ankle Surgeon/Podiatrist

Fellow American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine

Alert from Dr. Radovic!

With the county and state mandates to shelter in place, and the recommendation to reduce in-person elective visits as much as possible, persons with foot and ankle ailments may be lulled into a false sense of thinking their problem can wait and that they can reasonably stay home until the peak of the pandemic has passed. To the contrary, office services are especially important now. This is a crucial time to be sure that we are continuing to manage patients, to keep their conditions stable and to keep them out of the hospital or other acute care settings. We will continue to see Foot and Ankle Trauma, Fractures, Sprains Infections, Post ops, and anyone in severe foot or ankle pain. 

We are offering Telemedicine By Dr. Radovic for ALL California patients.

Please also read our Office Protocols.

Dr. Philip Radovic is a triple board certified podiatrist serving Orange County, CA for thirty years. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle. Dr. Radovic's training and experience as a podiatric physician and surgeon, professor and educator is unsurpassed. Patients can expect the most proven and advanced foot and ankle treatment techniques available.

Dr. Radovic specializes in revision of prior foot surgeries, Advanced Bunion Surgery, Non-Incision, Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment, Ankle Arthroscopy, and Endoscopic Heel Surgery, as well as general foot/ankle care and complex surgery. He takes pride in his success addressing the most difficult cases. Additionally, we offer custom fitting and modification of Bio-Mechanical Orthotic Shoe Inserts and podiatric sports medicine services which include ground breaking combination Radial and Focused ESWT/Soundwave treatment. Dr. Radovic can help you take the necessary steps to remain injury free during athletic activities.

Our Latest Patient Reviews

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I love Dr. Radovic. I've been a patient of his for over 12 years. During that time, I moved away and had to see other foot doctors. Every single foot doctor other than him has accidentally nicked me with the scalpel and drawn blood. Except for Dr. Radovic. Whenever I see him, it goes perfectly and I'm not worried in the least bit. A guy coming at your unanesthetized foot with a scalpel? If it's Dr. Radovic, no problem. My little one who accompanies me even likes him so much, she invents reasons that she needs to see him. Please don't ever retire.

Jasmine C.
Northern, VA


I am new to San Clemente. I developed a foot injury and had to find a doctor right away. I was able to see Dr Radovic the same day I called. He was very thorough in his examination, ordered X-rays and an MRI. I was able to get the results of the MRI within 3 business days.Then he sent me for physical therapy at Pritzl Therapy. They are great also. I feel I am getting the best care possible with Dr Radovic. His staff is very friendly and professional too.

Ellie I.
San Clemente, CA